iPhone 5 to hit the shelves on 12 September?

The iPad 3 might be delayed, but it looks like the iPhone 5 could be in your hand sooner than you think. How does 12 September grab you?

It looks like that might well happen. Rumoured to be launching to the world on 6 September, it now seems that Apple is intent on a super-fast turnaround, with one network clearing its shelves for the 12 September.

According to TechRadar, Telefonica, which owns O2, has apparently started to scale back stock of the current iPhone in advance of 'the launch of a new smartphone' on 12 September. The word has come from an 'anonymous network employee', so there is a degree of scepticism in the mix too. Although it wouldn't seem too far out of the ordinary. The iPhone 5 is running late and Apple wants to sell some units as soon as possible - making the most of the run-up to Christmas, that's for sure.

As for the phone itself, we're talking evolution over revolution. A slightly thinner and lighter phone, an improved processor, enhanced camera, possibly NFC and definitely the new iOS 5 operating system. That's all speculation of course, you'll have to wait until the big launch for confirmation of the facts.

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