BlackBerry Colt is first QNX smartphone

It's been talked about for a while, with the shelf date gradually being brought forward. We're talking about the BlackBerry QNX smartphone of course, which now has a name – the BlackBerry Colt.

According to Tweakers, it's coming even sooner than we could ever have imagined too, as soon as this year, would you believe? That's a giant leap from the initial estimate of late 2012, although that date was speculation from an investor.

This new date is apparently from 'various sources' in the telecoms sector, who believe manufacturer RIM wants to push ahead with the phone to halt the company's sliding fortunes in the mobile marketplace. It believes QNX will be more attractive to customers. But on the downside, losing the BlackBerry OS could mean problems with its big selling point – email. It would have to rewrite code for the QNX platform, which might not be appreciated by hardcore BlackBerry fans. Swings and roundabouts.

As for the phone itself, the specification listed so far includes a single-core 1.2GHz processor (the same one currently being used with the Bold 9900), 900+ screen resolution and a 4.3-inch touch-screen. If that date is really this year, a shaky hands-on shot will appear in the next few weeks, along with more details. We'll let you know as soon as we see them.

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