HTC Vigor spotted online

Another day, another HTC phone leak. Although the HTC Vigor is rather more significant, if the specification is to be believed.

Here's the story. According to Engadget, a pre-order piece appeared on Dutch phone retailing website The Phone House, but was taken down fairly quickly. Not quick enough for some eagle-eyed HTC spotters, who managed to screengrab both the image and the specification. If it's real – and we don't have reason to doubt that – it looks like the HTC Vigor is landing fairly soon.

The headline act here is the inclusion of Beats Audio for the first time. HTC has bought into the company, famed for its Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, as well as audio systems for laptops, with the intention of adding it to its range of mobile phones. Perfect for annoying your fellow commuters on the morning bus and train. That same Beats by Dr. Dre know-how will be built-in the Vigor, so expect this to be pitched as a mobile music machine.

The Vigor is an impressive all-rounder running on the Android 2.3.4 OS and packing a 4.3-inch HD display with 1280x720 resolution, a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, HTC Sense 3.5 interface and an eight-megapixel camera. Even without the audio, that would have been headline-worthy.

If it's down to launch in Holland, we can expect the same phone in the UK too. Probably as autumn kicks in, which is when the first 'Beats' phones were expected to land. We'll keep you posted if we hear anything official.

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