Amazon launches Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon has just launched the Kindle Cloud Reader, which will be of particular interest if you happen to own an iPad.

Why has it launched it? That's simple – it is to bypass Apple's rules on linking to a retailer's own shop in an app. Apple has changed its iOS terms and conditions to that effect - and Amazon obviously complied. But it has also been working on a 'plan B' to maintain those sales, which is where the Kindle Cloud Reader comes in.

According to TechCrunch, the Kindle Cloud Reader has just gone live. It's a web-based version of the Kindle app written in HTML 5. It allows you to read your books from the 'cloud' or download your books for offline reading. It works on your notebook, but even better on your Apple tablet. That's because the store is fully optimised for the device. And you can easily switch back and forth between the store and your own library. TechCrunch says it 'feels like a native app, but it’s not', which is an impressive feat and perhaps something that others will be looking very closely at.

There is one downside – and you've probably already guessed what that is. You cannot use it with your iPhone. Amazon recommends the app for that, but you suspect an iPhone-friendly version is already in production. It would make sense – financial sense in particular. Especially if the traffic stacks up for the iPad-friendly version.

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