Samsung Galaxy R gets European launch

Wave goodbye to the smartphone. These days it's all about the 'superphone', with the Samsung Galaxy R being the latest handset to lay claim to that name. Not that we're convinced it's as super as some other handsets on the market, including some from Samsung itself.

But this is Samsung's first phone with the 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, which is very much the headline here. Aside from that, we're not sure it offers enough to tempt you away from Samsung's current high-end big seller, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Not that we're knocking the Galaxy R, which certainly has plenty to offer you. That includes Android Gingerbread (2.3) for the operating system, the GeForce GPU, a 4.2-inch Super Clear LCD touchscreen, a five-megapixel camera for taking your snaps, the option to shoot video in 720p HD, a two-megapixel camera for those video calls, 1080p video playback and 8GB of on board storage. You can bump that up to 32GB with the right storage card. You'll be able to access the Tegra Zone too, if you want to get hold of those enhanced apps.

Fancy it? Well, you might have to wait a little while to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy R. It has been confirmed for Europe, but as yet, we don't have network availability, a date, or indeed a price. The best we can offer is Samsung's official timescale of 'soon'. Not much help, is it?

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