APP WATCH: Google+ iOS app updated

Good news for Google+ addicts – the Google+ iOS app has extended its reach and is now available for the iPad and iPod touch, as well as the iPhone.

Sadly, it is much the same app, despite going universal, so it has its limitations for the iPad. Essentially, it is just a blown-up version of the iPhone version, which isn't ideal, unless you love the sight of pixels. However, the functionality works just fine, so it is worth downloading (or updating) if you can't keep away from your Google-based circle of friends and own an iPad.

It's not exactly the same app, a couple of improvements have ghosted in there too. Aside from added device support, there are additional Huddle settings and aggregated circle add notifications, as well as a few performance and stability improvements from the original.

Google doesn't seem keen on bringing Google+ to either the iPad or Android Honeycomb tablets right now as native apps, perhaps because the network is still in its infancy. Here's hoping that changes soon. After all, with Facebook still not available on the iPad, there's a real opportunity for the network to make some inroads there.

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