Amazon to launch loss-making Android tablet?

Not sure it can be as cheap as the Asda tablet, but there are claims that Amazon is considering a loss-making Android tablet to gain a chunk of a fast-growing market. Why would it do that? Because Amazon is in a position to make it back via downloads.

Slashgear reports sources close to PC Mag saying just that, with Amazon planning to launch a budget device that relies on making the money back on the likes of ebooks, multimedia and cloud storage over the lifetime of the device. If those sales come through, it would allow Amazon to produce one of the first big-name devices to take on the iPad on price.


How cheap? Those sources say between 20-25% less than the cost of making the device. That is very cheap. Think of it like a printer, with the ink being where the money is made. It's a similar scenario.

Rumours already abound that Amazon is mass-producing a device, with an eye for a pre-Christmas launch. At least, in the US anyway. That tablet has been rumoured since 2010, with initial details of an Amazon tablet emerging back in May. Those reports claimed a 10-inch tablet in the US before the Christmas run-up, packing Nvidia's quad-core Tegra processor. It will be followed in 2012 by a smaller seven-inch device and in time, by a switchable black and white E Ink-like display / colour LCD hybrid. That was the idea for the original device, but the technology to do it just isn't there right now.

So when will it land in the UK? Everything points to late 2012, unless the company wants to make a global splash. If that's the case, who knows? Santa might just surprise us.

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