Orange launches Film To Go

Not content with offering its users a day or night out with Orange Wednesdays, Orange is offering movies in your own home now, courtesy of Orange Film To Go.

Not on a Wednesday though, this is a Thursday activity – and not much activity is needed. Just text 'filmtogo' from your Orange mobile phone and you'll get a code to use on a Thursday on the Orange site. This will allow you to download the movie from iTunes.

It's theoretically free, although the text costs 35p and the download will almost certainly take a bite out of your data allowance. So make sure it's Wi-Fi you are using, not 3G. Saying that, it's not a lot and once you've downloaded the movie, it is available to view for 30 days, although if you start watching it, you only have 48 hours before it vanishes.

You can't choose any old movie either. Orange will do that. It's set to be a mix of the old and the new. We suspect always family-friendly too. First up is My Blueberry Nights, which stars Jude Law. Not heard of it personally, but if Thursday is looking a bit poor on the TV, it should be worth a punt. You don't have to watch it on a computer either – this is iTunes, so you can sync to an iPhone or iPad, watching your movie in work time, if you can get away with it. Full details on the website.

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