Binatone ReadMe Mobile ereader launches

Are ereaders the next tablet? Binatone has launched an ereader to sit alongside its range of low-cost Homesurf tablets.


Binatone ReadMe Mobile ereader 

The device comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and touch-pad beneath a non-touch 480x800 pixel display. Though it's marketed as an ereader, the ebook app doesn't use e-ink like Amazon's Kindle, so you may find a bit of eye strain when staring at its screen too long.


Binatone ReadMe Mobile ereader touchpad 


Like the Homesurf 705, it runs on Android 2.1, though only packs some features you'd usually get on an Android tablet. That includes a web browser, email, and video and music players.


So it can really be used like a tablet, and indeed, its home screen is also more like a tablet than a Kindle, with app shortcuts and the Giga Store, a sort of cut-rate Android Market with some official Android apps.


The ReadMe Mobile reader clocks in at £129 and will be available in the next couple of weeks.

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