Mozilla plans Firefox mobile OS

Not content with an increasingly-strong presence on computers, Mozilla now has plans to develop an operating system for mobile phones.

According to Pocket-lint, it's going to be a HTML5-based mobile operating system, going by the unusual name of Boot to Gecko in its infancy, a project confirmed by Mozilla's Andreas Gal. Few details have been revealed and no timescale has been announced, but he did say that Boot to Gecko will use Android a little ('as little as possible') for booting and drivers. However, this might not be the case further down the line. As a likely rival, you would expect it to cut loose eventually.

The idea is that the OS will be web-based, like ChromeOS, so developers can work on an open platform rather than dealing with several different platforms as they currently have to. The overall aim is for Boot To Gecko is to 'pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web,' no matter what device you are using.

Sounds interesting, but right now, very much in the talking stage. But with Firefox growing in influence, this could be one to watch in 12 months time.

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