Facebook app for iPad breaks cover

It's not had an official launch yet, but TechCrunch has 'found' the Facebook app for iPad. It's apparently lurking in the code of the latest iPhone app update.

Yes, after much waiting, it looks like Facebook for iPad is finally here, although you'll have to do a few things that perhaps you shouldn't try to get it working. Is it the finished version? A 'source' close to Facebook has told the site it more or less is, so what you see in the image is what you'll get when Facebook finally unleashes it. That should be very soon.

The Facebook iPad app uses a left-side menu system that can be accessed by the touch of a button or the flick of the iPad screen. It also uses pop-overs (overlay menus), as you might find in other iPad apps (like Twitter for example). When you flip the iPad horizontally, the list of your online friends appears, allowing you to chat with them as you do other things on Facebook. The photo-viewer is said to look 'great' too, similar to the iPad’s own native Photos app.

The fact that the code is 'within' the iPad app indicates that the app will be universal (one download fits both), but getting to it isn't all that easy right now. Essentially, you'll need to understand how an iPad works technically and be willing to risk your warranty. We don't recommend it. Instead, wait for the official launch. It could be in a matter of days.

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