BBC optimised for BlackBerry PlayBook

Not quite apps, but the new web icons for BBC News and BBC iPlayer on the BlackBerry PlayBook are the next best thing.

According to the BBC, the web icons are part of a 'post-PC world', attempting to 'reach audiences on whatever ‘piece of glass’ they choose'. If you happen to be going out to buy a PlayBook as your 'piece of glass', you'll find those web icons pre-installed as of today. Alternatively, if you already own one, there will be a software update notification on your status ribbon.

Once added to your tablet, you will get a link to the desktop version of the BBC News website, with the BBC iPlayer shortcut linking to a 'browser-optimised' version of the catch-up service for portable devices. Better than dedicated QNX apps? That's hard to say. To be honest, it's not a million miles away from having an app. Maybe the news link isn't as fast or eye-catching as (say) the iPad app, but the iPlayer link isn't going to be a million miles from any app. Same functionality, that's for sure. If you want the BBC on your PlayBook, it makes it more convenient to access than browsing for it. That's likely to be the bottom line.

The BBC also added that shortcuts developed for BlackBerry smartphones last year have been rolled back. In other words, withdrawn, The Beeb is currently investigating these issues and will re-introduce the shortcuts when these issues are resolved.

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