3G iPod touch incoming?

So, let's recap. The new iPhone 5 is delayed, but is likely to be launching in September. The grapevine is also pointing to a new iPad, going by the name of the iPad 2 Plus, which is also said to be launching before Christmas. That's on top of Apple pushing the iOS 5 operating system update to its user base. Could it get any busier? It could if Apple also launches a 3G iPod touch.

Yes, amazingly, there's a rumour for yet another new device. Upgrading the iPod touch wouldn't be any surprise, as it will be a year or so since the last update if, as rumoured, a new touch lands in September. But this one is said to be a 3G-friendly iPod touch, making it something special.

Crave reports a story that has appeared on Dutch site Apple Spot, essentially saying just that – a device that can't make calls and has a slightly lower specification, but can access those all-important data services and apps wherever you are, Wi-Fi connection or not. The downside? That's obvious - you'll need a SIM card to access a 3G service, which means a contract, probably at a similar level to the data contracts on offer for the iPad. If the idea of a contract puts you off an iPhone, it's not exactly going to get you rushing to buy a 3G iPod touch, is it?

Although, at the right price, who knows? After all, you'll be able to make calls via Skype, access Facebook, Tweet away and generally keep in touch with your social circle without breaking the bank. The more we think about it, the more it sounds right. We should know if it actually is right in a couple of months. If so, Christmas 2011 is likely to be an Apple-tastic affair – and a very profitable one for the networks too.

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