Enhanced Google Docs for mobile launches

If you like to access your documents on the go, Google has made it a little easier (and easier on the eye) with its enhanced Google Docs for mobile service, which you can use with either your smartphone or a tablet via a mobile browser.

Head over to the Google Docs site with that mobile browser and you can press 'Sort' to organise all available documents via your browser (name, date etc) or use 'Narrow by' to specify which selection of documents you want to see.


If you want to share any, that's easier too. Select the relevant ones, then click on 'Share' to do just that. You can also get a link to share a document or email as an attachment with one click.

It's not a huge leap forward, but it does make a useful, cloud-based service just a little easier to use, especially if you are on the road and need quick access from a variety of devices. Or indeed, if you are collaborating on a project. No download required, just follow that link and try it out.

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