Apple App Store hits 15 billion downloads

In the three years since the App Store launched, it's clocked up 15 billion downloads. That's coming from 200 million iOS users – on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad – who are choosing from 425,000 titles as of June.


Of that, 100,000 are iPad-optimised apps – an impressive figure to clock up just 15 months from the launch of the first Apple tablet.


In the official announcement, games were highlighted, though no numbers were given. Infinity Blade from Epic Games was described as a runaway hit, while one of the old classics, Ocarina, was also singled out.


Meanwhile, the Android Market has hit 400,000 titles in about two years, with a download count of 4.5 billion as of June. But these things tend to go exponentially, so it's likely the gap will close faster than it would otherwise seem.

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