Nokia X7 hits UK with Three

It's been a fairly long time coming, officially launching back in April. Indeed, we did a hands-on around the same time. Back then, we mentioned that the Three network had leaked the handset ahead of launch in a promotional video, so it's no surprise to see Three offering it in the UK.

It's a Symbian phone, which might be a tough sell in the current market, but it does feature the updated Symbian Anna, with enhanced maps, faster browsing, better security (especially for business) and all-new icons, which has got to be a good thing. The smartphone also offers up a stainless steel and glass build, a large four-inch OLED screen with ClearBlack technology and Gorilla Glass, an eight-megapixel camera able to shoot HD-quality video and some HD games to keep you amused from day one. Three is also throwing in a 16GB storage card too as a bonus.

If all of that appeals, £30 per month gets you the handset, with the option of paying £35 if you want the One Plan and all its data. Alternatively, you can go for the phone on pay-as-you-go for £379.99, with the option of a data contract and call and text add-ons for another £15 per month.

Probably best to get the calculator out and head down to Three to see which deal is best for you.

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