No Nokia N9 for the UK?

Just under two weeks back, we announced that the Nokia N9 finally got an official launch. It was the first MeeGo phone, which is the platform Nokia was working on with Intel. We said that both the price and availability date was still to be confirmed, as indeed, it still is. But it is now looking like the smartphone will not be making it to the UK.

According to the Inquirer, Nokia's communications manager Mark Hindle was rather vague on details, saying: 'The N9 will begin shipping in 2011. We will share more information about the specific markets and the pricing closer to product availability.' But more tellingly, the N9 product page doesn't list the UK in its dropdown box of countries, leading to speculation that the phone might well pass us by.

We're not alone. The likes of Italy, France, Germany and Spain are also missing, with a focus on non-European territories like New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia for the initial launch. Should we care? Well, obviously we don't live to think we're being overlooked, but it could be for good reason. We might be getting Windows Phone 7 instead.

There's no denying that the N9 is a stylish handset, with its 3.9-inch curved glass AMOLED screen, and a capable one too, with an eight-megapixel camera packing Carl Zeiss optics, dual-LED flashes and a wide 28mm lens, not to mention NFC on-board. Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 handsets should be around early in 2012. If it can mix something like the N9 with the latest version of the WP7 operating system, it might well have a winner on its hands.

If it does, we might just forgive the company for leaving us out of the initial N9 party.

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