Samsung Galaxy S II to launch with Windows Phone 7?

Some wily internet research has dug up evidence for an exciting new rumour: the Galaxy S II will be relaunched packing the Windows Phone 7 OS.


We just reported on its fast-moving sales figures - three million in two months - and now it looks like Microsoft cottoned on too. According to Phone Arena, the Bluetooth SIG site has a Samsung phone, the SGH i-937, with the exact same hardware specs as what a Windows Phone would require. Specifically, one which would have the recently unveiled Mango update.


The SGH i-937 is also on a list of WP7 devices to play certain games, which certainly means it's a Windows phone. Last of all, its model number is very close to that of the original Galaxy S II, which adds up to enough circumstantial evidence for any phone geek to get all clammy-handed. The Galaxy S II has already been confirmed to relaunch this summer with an NFC chip, so clearly Samsung is putting a whole lot behind the marketability of this handset.


Hey, the freshest OS about, coupled with the most powerful handset on market - even us jaded hacks can't wait for this one to go from rumour to fact.

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