APP WATCH: ITV Player for iOS

Missed out on your favourite ITV Shows? Well, now there's no reason to fire up a computer, you can just switch on your iPad or iPhone and access ITV Player.

Following on from the BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 4OD apps, this Wi-Fi ITV catch-up app (no 3G access) allows you to catch up with recent shows from ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, and ITV4. Browse all the available shows or search by channel or name, with viewing offered in both landscape and portrait mode.

Downside? Well, a few minor niggles. For one, you might have some problems with regional shows, especially with ITV1. Download and check is the best advice. Don't expect any US shows either - only UK-made shows are here. Also, you'll need iOS 4.3, which should be a good number of you.  Finally, there are adverts and trailers before each show, which is annoying, but is probably required to keep the app free.

Yes, we said free, which is always nice to hear. If you've missed today's Jeremy Kyle, go get it right now.

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