Four Nokia phones leak online

Just when we thought the company had shifted pretty much totally to Windows Phone 7 for the future, not least when a Nokia WP7 phone leaked last week, a new batch of Symbian phones leak online.

It could be the final batch of Symbians, seeing the company through to the Windows Phone 7 era. After all, the Microsoft collaboration is unlikely to hit the shelves until well into next year. If that is the case, the final phones are going by the names of the Nokia 701, the Nokia 700, the Nokia 600 and the Nokia 500 right now, although this is likely to change. Indeed, the phones already have alternative names on the leaked spec sheets.

According to the My Nokia Blog, the 701 (also known as Helen) has a 1GHz processor, an updated version of Symbian called Belle, an eight-megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch LCD display. The leaked document claims it will replace the Nokia C7. There's also the  700 (aka Zeta) with the same version of Symbian and a 1GHz processor, along with a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen. It will be pitched as 'the thinnest smartphone ever', which should be interesting to see.

The other two handsets are the Nokia 600 (Cindy), which has NFC functionality, a 1GHz processor, a five-megapixel camera, an FM radio and a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen. That one is down as having an 'attractive price'. Bringing up the rear is the Nokia 500 (Fate) with a 1GHz chip and a five-megapixel camera, which is a budget affair.

The details are vague and only backed up by a blurred image of the one phone shown here, the Nokia 600. Which could mean they aren't 100% genuine. But the source is said to be reliable, so we think it's probably fact-based. We'll find out for sure in the coming weeks.

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