APP WATCH: Optimised Fring for iPad

Beating Skype to the punch when it comes to video calling for the iPad is Fring, which has just launched an optimised version of its app for Apple's tablet. Obviously both are behind FaceTime, but Fring does have unique features, as Skype will too.

The headline act for the new app is the ability to do four-way calling on your tablet, as we featured some time back when it was trialled for the iPhone. That's got to work better on the iPad, purely because squeezing four faces onto a tablet is a lot easier than doing it on a pocket-sized smartphone. So if you fancy a 'video calling party' (their phrase, not ours), this is the app for you. As long as you have friends running a similar app.

It works cross-platform too, so not all your friends need the iPad. As long as the software is running on iOS, Android or Symbian, you'll be just fine. It even works on 3G and Wi-Fi. The iPad version does have its own selling points though, including dragging and dropping your friends' video streams.

Speaking to Pocket Lint, Avi Shechter, CEO and co-founder of Fring said: 'Fring is empowering tablet users to unleash the power of their 9.7-inch screens beyond movie watching and gaming to rich, fun personal video communication.'

'With Group Video on the iPad, we are changing face to face video chat. Users will now be able to video socialize on big screen tablets enjoying seeing their friends wherever they are- as they commute, sunbathe at the beach or wait for coffee at a café.'

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