Skype confirmed for Apple's iPad

Please forgive the less-than-impressive image, but that's for good reason. The shot is from an online video that effectively confirms the existence of Skype for the iPad.

According to TechRadar, the video was a promotional item that showcases how the app will work on Apple's tablet. Once the video had 'broke', Skype VP of consumer and product design Rick Osterloh confirmed that the app was for real, was currently in testing phase and was 'coming soon'. No idea just how soon, but as it looks pretty much complete, we shouldn't have long to wait.

Mr Osterloh confirmed that the app would offer the same functionality as the iPhone version, so if you are familiar with that, you know what to expect. Of course, there's one big difference here – screen size. The iPhone version has worked on the iPad, but it's certainly not been optimised for it. This version will be, ideal for getting up close and personal with friends and loved ones on the go and offering pretty much all the functionality of the PC/Mac versions, file sharing aside.

Want to see it in action? You can see the video of Skype for the iPad here, sadly without any sound.

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