Archos G9 Android tablets unveiled

They might be relatively cheap, but the Archos G9 tablets are pretty impressive devices on the face of it.

Just launched, there's a choice of an eight-inch or 10-inch model, both powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and packing a 250GB Seagate hard drive within. Oh yes, you also get the latest Android Honeycomb 3.1 operating system. Like we said, a decent bit of kit, as long as you don't mind a hard drive within (as opposed to flash storage).

The eight-inch Archos G9 has a 4:3, 1,024x768-pixel screen, while the 10-inch G9 has a 16:9, 1,280x800-pixel screen, with both offering HDMI output and USB output. Wi-Fi connectivity is standard, but if you want 3G, you can pick up the Archos 3G stick for just under £50 to go with it.

So what about this price? Well, that's the crowning glory really. Obviously we don't know just how good this is without getting hands-on, but with a price point of £199 for the eight-inch model and £249 for the larger 10-inch tablet, it's got to be a contender if it's even remotely decent. Look out for it as we end summer, probably around September.

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