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Available on both the iPhone and Android platform, sat nav specialist ALK has unveiled its latest app and as the name suggests, it's top-notch. CoPilot Live Premium caters for both pedestrians and drivers and has a number of new features never seen before. For example, spot somewhere on the map that you'd like to pay a visit to while on a preset journey then simply drag your route line to said spot and CoPilot Live Premium will automatically factor it in the quickest journey time possible. In fact, when plotting a journey CoPilot will give you a choice of three alternative routes complete with journey time, live traffic updates and even an estimate in the cost of petrol. If you're that way inclined, you can also automatically publish your journeys to Facebook or Twitter, though the default setting won't, so worry not if you frequent places you shouldn't.


However, our favourite feature is the inclusion of Wikipedia in Places of Interest. Switch this feature on and any number of 'W's will appear on the map, signalling not only places of interest but also a link to Wikipedia that provides more info on that particular landmark. You can also do a local search via Bing, calling any establishment direct from within CoPilot Live Premium, and with text-to-speech and an improved user interface, ALK have created a real rival to dedicated sat nav devices.


CoPilot Live Premium is available for £29.99 for both the iPhone and Android devices, but for the first seven days of going on sale on each platform you can download it for a 50% discount. We've seen it in action and it really is very good.

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