Mobile Choice readers back Nokia and Microsoft alliance

When Nokia announced that they were allying themselves with Microsoft and would therefore be backing Windows Phone 7, many people, analysts and journalists alike, smirked. The feeling was that here were two big former giants who had fallen on hard times (at least in terms of the mobile stakes with regards to Microsoft) and were looking to recapture former glories. With most of Nokia's rivals turning to the Android platform and Apple continuing to enjoy huge success with their iPhone 4, many gave this new alliance little chance.


However, in our recent poll over 500 of you voted, with 75% of you saying you would buy a new Nokia Windows Phone. Of course, saying you'll buy a phone is one thing, actually handing over your cold hard cash is another matter, but if this survey is anything to go by, perhaps it will be Nokia and Microsoft who have the last laugh.


Unfortunately, it might be a while yet until we see a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset, with a rumoured arrival date of next year

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