Sony S1 and S2 tablets head to UK

First, the good news. The Sony tablet will land in the UK from September. Bad news? We don't know whether it is the S1 or the S2 Android Honeycomb tablet.

Engadget has apparently got its virtual hands on 'a private note' from Sony's marketing group, which claims that one of the Sony tablets will be available for pre-order from August 2011, hitting the shelves in September through to Christmas. Only certain shelves though, specifically Sony Direct, John Lewis and 'a third still-unconfirmed retailer'. Presumably negotiations are still going on with the last of those.

The note doesn't name the tablet offered on the UK, simply that it has 'unique design features' and stacks up well against Apple's iPad for the Christmas season. Thing is, both the S1 and S2 have unique design features, the S1 with its curved back and the S2 with its clamshell design. So the memo could be either, although it does fit in well with the expected launch date of the S1.

We featured both back in April, the S1 being a 9.4-inch tablet and the S2 a 5.5-inch 'folding' device. Further details were scarce back then and still are, although we do know both will have Android Honeycomb, Wi-Fi, 3G (likely as an option), a virtual keyboard optimised for the screen and Sony's Qriocity music and video services and the PlayStation Suite preloaded.

Keep an eye out for the full announcement and detail in the coming weeks, hopefully with pricing too ahead of that pre-order date.

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