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We haven't heard much of Google Ice Cream Sandwich of late, the next generation of Android OS for both tablets and smartphones. But as the launch gets closer, expect to hear much more. Especially as Google has a new Nexus smartphone lined up to show it off. However, one particular features casts doubts about it landing in its complete form in the UK.

The details have been obtained by the BGR website, which claims the new smartphone is currently known as the Google Nexus 4G. Yes, you can see the problem here. The UK is only in the initial stages of testing a 4G network, so the phone in this form isn't coming here. However, it's likely that a 4G-less version will land in the UK. It's certainly not a deal breaker.

Other details revealed by the site, aside from the presence of that all-new OS, include either a dual-core 1.2GHz/1.5GHz OMAP 4460 or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, what's described as a 'monster-sized' screen with 720p HD (with the buttons removed to make room for it), a five-megapixel camera with 'class-leading image quality in addition to superior low light performance' and 1080p HD video capture, a one-megapixel  front-facing camera and 1GB of RAM. Oh yes, all of that in an 'ultra-thin' casing.

The US release date is said to be late November, so all being well, the unnamed handset (although certainly using the 'Nexus' name in some way) could be with us before Christmas. Google's gift to you, if you happen to be running a contract down around that time.

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