HTC Now offering Android 2.3 for Desire

Yesterday, we reported that HTC had effectively scrapped the idea of Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the HTC Desire. Today, it seems, the company has had a change of heart.

Like the first update, this new message was delivered via Facebook. It read: 'Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire.' Someone at HTC obviously didn't fully consult the top brass before putting out that first message. However, the problem aired yesterday is still there - insufficient memory to run both Android 2.3 and the Sense interface in full. So what gives?

The Android Gingerbread OS gives, that's what. Once again using Facebook, HTC said: 'To resolve Desire's memory issue and enable the upgrade to Gingerbread, we will cut select apps from the release. Look for status updates starting next week. We apologise for any confusion.'

So we've gone from no update to 'look for status updates starting next week' in the space of 24 hours. But it does raise more questions, not least, which apps will not make the cut? That's not been outlined, but it almost certainly will be before the update lands. You might want to read it carefully before downloading. The update could push you nearer the memory limit for your handset and might actually be missing the better bits of Android 2.3.

As soon as HTC releases those details, we'll let you know. If you have a network handset, there's probably going to be a fairly long delay before you are offered Android 2.3 anyway, so there's no real rush to decide. When it is time, the upgrade will have been tested to the limit by your operator anyway. Or at least, we would hope so.

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