APP WATCH: Sony Music Unlimited for Android

As discussion rages about if and when the iCloud service will launch in the UK, Sony has sneaked out its own cloud service, the Music Unlimited app for rival platform Android. Interestingly, it uses scan-and-match technology, the same kind of technology Apple is working with, making it a competitor, albeit on different smartphones now.

According to Music All, the Qriocity-powered app went live overnight and is free to download. However, it's worth pointing out that it isn't free to use. You'll need a subscription to the Basic or Premium package to get the music wherever you go.

Should you opt to sign up for Sony's service, the app will offer access to the Music Unlimited catalogue of more than seven million songs via streaming, with the stream based on personal taste as well as your personal library of music. Opt for a Premium subscription and you get the same, plus on-demand access to the Music Unlimited catalogue. If you are considering signing up, there's a 30-day free offer too. Try before you buy if you like.

According to the write-up, the service is available for Android 2.1 through to Android 2.3.3, although due to some poor wording on the app description, there is confusion as to whether this is being released purely for Sony Ericsson’s Android phones, or whether it’s available for a wider range of Android devices. The line ‘For a list of supported Android devices visit’, which isn't actually linked to anywhere, is the culprit.

As we said, the app is free to download, so it shouldn't be too much of a risk to find out. Alternatively, you could wait until someone at Sony realises the error and sorts it out.

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