Limited iPhone 5 coming in September

A new iPhone 5 is almost certainly coming in September, but according to new reports, it might not be the phone you were hoping for.

9 to 5 Mac, citing previously accurate Apple sources, claims the phone is in its final testing stage, now being carried around by 'high level Apple and carrier executives' ahead of that September launch. The bad news is slghtly more extensive.

That same site says that Apple has yet to sort out a deal for FaceTime over 3G with American networks. Like the scenario with iTunes Match, it's safe to say if the US deal is still being completed, the UK one hasn't even started. Likewise, over-the-air updates, which were mentioned at the iOS 5 launch, are also still being discussed with networks. Oh yes, the camera is looking like the same five-megapixel job too, not the eight-megapixel one that was heavily rumoured.

There is another potential positive though, offered courtesy of ZDNet - the arrival of voice recognition on the new iPhone, as well as all devices running iOS 5. A rogue iOS 5 screenshot references 'Nuance Dictation' and 'Nuance Long Endpoint'. No, we're no wiser either in terms of specifics, but it does mean integrated speech recognition via Nuance, with both native and third party apps getting in on the act with it.

With 'finished' iPhone 5 handsets in the wild, it's fair to say that more detail will be arriving soon - keep checking back ahead of that September launch.

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