Sky Go launches for your mobile and tablet

The company has done mobile services in the past, but now it has merged the two main ones - Sky Player and Sky Mobile TV - to launch Sky Go.

Available for tablets and smartphones, it's essentially Sky TV on the move, although your selection could be limited, depending on the device you use. For example, if you are using an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch then you will get access to sports and news content, specifically Sky Sports 1-4, Sky Sports News and ESPN. Compare that to a laptop, where over 30 channels are available, as well as some on-demand content.

The service launches on 6 July and each home that subscribes to Sky TV will be able to register up to two different devices for viewing. If you are a subscriber, it's absolutely free to use, which has got to be a good thing. However, if you are yet to be seduced by Sky's satellite service, it certainly isn't free. Packages start at £15 per month, shifting to £40 per month, depending on what you opt for. With those prices, you might as well grab the dish and get the service free if you are interested.

'The explosion of smartphones and tablets demonstrates the increasing consumer demand for accessing entertainment and communicating on the move', claims Stephen van Rooyen, Deputy MD of Sky's Customer Group.

'We have already responded to this by offering a range of services, including live TV, across many new innovative platforms and devices, like laptops and iPhones. Clearly the consumer appetite is there, and it's growing. In responding to that, and to create even more value, choice and flexibility for our customers, we are now going to offer online and mobile access to Sky content at no extra charge.'

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