APP WATCH: Volvo On Call

Talking cars? That'll be KITT from Knight Rider. Unless you pick up the Volvo On Call app for the iPhone or Android handsets. Then you can chat away with a family estate car too.

OK, it's not actually 'talking', more like 'communicating' with you via your smartphone. According to Crave, the app lets you easily find your car in a busy car park (the peril of the identikit modern car). Or if something more sinister has happened, like the alarm has been triggered, it lets you know about that too. In fact, if someone drives off in your car, the data can also be used to help Volvo alert the police to your car's exact position.

Other features include a remote locking and unlocking feature, a vehicle dashboard function that replicates the functionality of your Volvo's onboard trip computer, a fuel gauge and fuel economy rating plus a vehicle journal function, which offers up a detailed breakdown of all trips within the last 40-day period.

The app is available now and free. Sadly, the car isn't. You'll need to buy a new Volvo to get any kind of use out of it.

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