No iTunes Match for UK?

OK, we got excited about iTunes Match and the ability to use iTunes in the Cloud to access our music quickly on the go. Maybe we didn't think through the practicalities enough.

iTunes in the Cloud is in the US pretty much now, allowing Apple customers over the Atlantic to share previously purchased iTunes music to all of their iOS devices at no additional cost, as well as being able to download new purchases to all devices too. It's also free, which is nice. iTunes Match is already scheduled to follow in autumn and certainly isn't free. But for $24.99 annually, you can replicate your record collection in the 'cloud' (aka Apple's servers), using its 18 million+ collection. Anything that doesn't match can be uploaded manually. So what about us Brits? When will be see the love?

Right now, we're not even on the calendar. Crave asked Apple about both services, receiving a reply that said 'as things stand, there's no information on either service in Britain'. So why not?

We're not sure about iTunes in the Cloud. It should, technically, be fairly straightforward to port the service from the US to the UK. Maybe Apple simply wants a staggered rollout for what will be a significant amount of storage when it goes worldwide. iTunes Match is a very different beast. Apple obviously has agreements with the major labels for the service, but those deals might only apply to the US right now. Each territory will require different deals we suspect (the reason Spotify is yet to hit the US), which makes the likelihood of it being here this year remote.

So yes, iTunes in the Cloud might well happen this year, iTunes Match considerably less likely. Be nice to see both with the new iPhone 5 in time for Christmas though, wouldn't it?

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