Apple hearts Twitter, not Facebook

You may have noticed that while deep-down Twitter integration was announced for iOS5, Facebook had nary a mention. Through four iPhone OSes, the lack of true integration for any third-party app has been an issue for Apple watchers and haters alike, with iPhones unable to do things like post pictures from the camera to social network sites or share YouTube links directly. So why, when Apple finally adds the feature, does it choose Twitter over the substantially more widely used Facebook?


According to NDTV Gadgets, one reason could an earlier Apple-Facebook project, Ping, that never succeeded. Facebook also has a much stronger reach throughout the web, with tons of its own strategies that could clash with Apple's tightly clenched iOS ecosystem.


At the moment, the official Facebook app for iOS can sync friends to the contacts book and produce push notifications of new events and messages. The official Twitter app can produce push notifications - but when iOS 5 launches, it'll be baked right in so that you'll be able to share photos and videos directly to the site, @ mention friends from the message app, and tweet from Safari.


Meanwhile, Apple's old nemesis Microsoft has announced similar Twitter integration for the next update to its mobile OS, Windows Phone 7 – and it's had Facebook on board since launch. We could be seeing a closer run for smartphone supremacy than anyone might have thought.

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