Will 4G affect your TV reception?

4G hasn't even been trialled yet in the UK – that is coming up later this year in Cornwall, with a general rollout not expected until 2014. That's when devices like the HTC Evo (pictured) and high-speed tablets will flood the market. But already the scare stories relating to the superfast network are starting to emerge.

According to TechRadar, Ofcom believes there might well be a problem when high-speed mobile services meet digital TV reception. Indeed, the regulator is kicking off its own research into the effects and how it can stop it from happening.

It isn't likely to be widespread. Initial estimates claim 4G mobile signal interference will only affect three per cent of the population. However, that's still around three-quarters of a million people, enough to kick up a fuss in the press, that's for sure. Which is perhaps why Ofcom is dealing with it now, two or three years ahead of the potential problem.

So what is the problem? Well, the 'spectrum' currently reserved for delivering a faster 4G mobile signal to Brits sits very close to that which is used to broadcast terrestrial digital television. The two will overlap in some areas, which is where the problems begin.

Ofcom's initial consultation exercise to look into the possible problems that might arise from this 4G interference issue runs until 11 August this year. Hopefully, by then, the problem will be fully-known and a solution worked on. Although the success of that might not be known until 4G is actually switched on for the whole of the UK. That should be an interesting 24 hours.

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