Orange offers iPhone and iPad on one bill

Still not joined the Apple party? Then Orange has the deal for you, a deal for an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 together, that is.

Sign up for the network's 'Connected' plan and you can get both devices from £99 upfront, the price rising as the storage on those devices rises, topping out at £299 for a 32GB iPhone 4 and a 64GB iPad 2 3G. That's the price for existing Orange customers, with the price rising for newbies – another £50 in fact for the entry-level device.

Once you've paid that out, you'll be asked to part with a further £65 per month for the contract for both devices. That gets you 600 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi, but a rather paltry 2GB data allowance, which you'll also be sharing across both devices.


Is it a good deal? That's down to your needs. Contract deals are always more convenient to you, but not necessarily a good deal compared to buying outright. Over the 24 months, you'll be paying the best part of £2,000 for the devices, with the iPhone likely to be upgraded to a new model before the year is out. Cheaper than separate device deals, but still a lot of cash.


But if you really need some Apple in your life, a monthly £65 might be bearable if you don't think about the total cost too much. If you do opt for it, just make sure you don't hammer iPlayer and 4OD too much. 2GB over two devices isn't going to last long if you do.

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