Microsoft launches Windows 8 for tablets

Pity da fools that have already launched Windows 7 tablets. Microsoft has previewed a next-gen Windows OS that is meant to work as well on small (read: seven inches-ish) touch-screens as well as larger computer monitors.


We've seen a couple of Windows tablets before, and never quite understood why manufacturers thought it was a good idea to squeeze a mouse-dependent interface onto the comparatively teeny screen that you interact with via your clumsy flesh digits.


Thankfully, Win 8 changes all that, with a tile-based start screen instead of the standard start menu with titchy rows of programs. Like Windows Phone 7, these tiles are 'live', so they'll provide push notifications when something happens in one of your apps. Though it sounds as though it has been optimised for touch tablets, Microsoft says the OS will work just the same on desktop computers and laptops.


Windows Phone 7 comes with a full version of Internet Explorer 9 but Windows 8 will include hardware-accelerated Internet Explorer 10. Oh, and in the official announcement, it says Windows 8 is only an internal codename – just like the 'Mango' update to WP7. Curious, Microsoft, curious.


Look out for more Windows 8 gossip – and perhaps a non-codename for it – in the coming months.


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