Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets Android upgrade

Once again, Twitter comes up trumps with an exclusive. That exclusive being the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a 'few days'. But that's only half the story.

According to Pocket-lint, a product page for the tablet also claims: 'The 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect ally in your quest to do everything faster, easier and better. Surf the web at blistering speeds, multitask like a ninja or watch movies in superior HD resolution (1280×800). This lightweight, premium tablet comes with Android 3.1 Honeycomb and great Google services. It can even access Adobe Flash Player compatible content and shoot 720p HD video, making you wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s Time to Tab'.

Did you see the key phrase there? Yes, it was 'Android 3.1', which we previewed earlier in the month. That update promised resizeable widgets, and a new host mode that will let you import photos to your tablet directly from your digital camera or other USB-based devices. Google's movie app, a new Books app, a new video editing app called Movie Studio, and updated versions of most of Google's main apps, including a faster web browser with a Quick Controls menu are also mentioned. So pretty significant stuff, all told.

Good news if it does arrive with Android 3.1, especially for Samsung, which could have a market-leading product on its hands. Thing is, we've yet to hear of anyone selling it, let alone in a 'few days', so it might all be academic. Until it does arrive, check out our hands-on here, which should give you an insight into the tablet and whether you should buy one when it does actually land.

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