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When we broked the news of a BBC News app for the iPhone and iPad, we said then (July 2010) that the Android BBC News app was 'to follow'. Well it has – almost a year later.

The good news, of course, is that it's finally here and is free to download from the Android Market. However, there is a downside for a small number of Android users: 'The BBC News Android app is available on all Android phones and tablets running software versions 1.6 and above, but we're not yet supporting Honeycomb tablets (Android software version 3.0),' the BBC confirmed.

So if you've just invested in a shiny new tablet, you might be out of luck if you want your news in app form. You'll just have to go to the website instead and hope things improve when the OS becomes more widely used. But if you can get it, whether you have Flash enabled or not, you'll be able to get your news fix over Wi-Fi or 3G. If you do have Flash (via Android 2.2 and above), you can also get live streaming of the BBC News channel within the app.

Other options include personalisation, allowing you to add and remove categories, plus a breaking news ticker and sharing options. The iPhone version is pretty much essential, we suspect this will be too.

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