INQ phones get Foursquare

Once upon a time, they were described as the Facebook phones, but when they launched, the most recent INQ phones were actually called the INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q, both of them offering deep Facebook integration and the Android operating system for a fairly modest outlay. They might soon be called the Foursquare phones.

That's because INQ Mobile and Foursquare have announced a new collaboration, with Foursquare available across all of its Android phones, working in tandem with Facebook rather than replacing it. Just a matter of which social networking you prefer. If you opt for Foursquare, the Foursquare API can recommend nearby places to eat, drink and shop based on your location and past check-ins, along with the option to check-in with your friends and other members of the Foursquare community.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley said: 'This is an awesome demonstration of the power of Foursquare. We're psyched that INQ has chosen Foursquare to power the location layer on the INQ Cloud Touch.'

INQ’s CEO Frank Meehan said: 'The Foursquare experience on INQ is all about engaging a customer to really explore and discover interesting places. First, we’re looking to make it really easy for a consumer to discover and sign up to Foursquare itself, via the start-up sequence. Then we’re taking Foursquare’s great knowledge of the world around you and visualizing that on your home screen, enabling you to explore events, restaurants, clubs, etc. and even bookmark places in a to-do list.'

No news of when it will land, but we suspect soon. The INQ Cloud Touch and the Cloud Q are already available to buy.

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