APP WATCH: Apple Store for iPhone

Not to be confused with the App Store, the Apple Store is now available as an app for your iPhone. Which means you can buy lots of new Apple products with a touch of your screen. That could be dangerous if you happen to be bored one evening.

You can do more besides too. According to Pocket-lint, this is the first time that the Apple Store app has made it to the UK. Surprising really, as it's a certain moneyspinner for Apple and probably saves a few staff hours.

If you want to get yourself another member of the Apple family, you can order a MacBook from your phone. Not just a standard model either – you can upgrade the RAM, HDD size and software, plus all the other options offered in the computer-based Apple Store. It's not confined to MacBooks – pretty much any of the Apple products offered for sale can be yours from your phone.

You can also interact with your local 'bricks and mortar' Apple store too. From within the app you can now book Genius appointments at your local store, check out the appointments availability at other nearby locations or have a browse at the workshop schedule. No more hanging on the phone for you.

The app, as you would expect, is free. Go get it now if your iPhone needs company or you just want to drool over cool hardware.

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