Vodafone to simplify tethering for users

When iOS 4.3 landed for the iPhone, it included an option to use your iPhone as a personal hotspot, which means you can 'share' some of your data with other Wi-Fi devices in your proximity. Obviously this was never going to be met with widespread approval from the networks. In fact, some went out of their way to block it, unless an additional fee was paid. On Vodafone for example, you would have to sign up for a 'tethering plan'. Yes, sign up for something else, to use the data you theoretically have already paid for. Thankfully, that network is about to simplify things.

The company has posted initial details on its forum: 'We've received a number of questions in the past about tethering and wanted to come back to you with an update, as there are some price plan changes in the pipeline that we think will be of interest to you.

'We'll be shortly introducing new price plans that will enable both new and existing customers to utilise tethering features as part of their data bundle on all devices which support the capability. While we can't give you the details of pricing and availability at the moment, the changes will make it easier for customers to manage their overall data use and expenditure.'

According to Vodafone, the new price plans 'will accommodate occasional, light and heavier data users' and 'more information will be made available in due course'.

None of that is clear and it's unlikely that the network will offer a 'free for all' on tethering – the words 'pricing and availability' make that point. However, it might offer you the option of tethering, possibly with a fee being charged if you go over any pre-agreed limit or simply a small fee if you want to use the option. It's not clear if existing users will be asked to sign a new contract either, or whether you can simply opt to bump up your data allowance for tethering. All will be outlined in the coming weeks – some months after it perhaps should have been sorted.

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