Samsung Galaxy S II gets NFC

Even without it, the Samsung Galaxy S II got a seriously good review on this site. So with NFC included, this Android smartphone could be the one to beat.

Seems strange that a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip wasn't there in the first place, but according to Mobot, that is being amended as soon as June. A reader of that site got in touch with Samsung to enquire about the rumoured 32GB version of the handset, as well as for clarification on NFC and exactly which regions would be getting it.

An online Support Team responded, saying she couldn't confirm the status of the 32GB model, before adding: 'In regards to your query on the NFC, please note that we have just received the updates that the NFC would be launched in the UK by June, however, we don’t hold enough information on the regions it will be available with.'

On enquiring further, another Samsung team member said: 'Regarding your query, kindly note we have received a confirmation that the Near Field Communication ‘NFC’ version of the Galaxy S II should be available in the UK by June 2011. Kindly know that there are no plans to launch the Galaxy S II in 32GB model in the UK.'

So there you have it. If NFC is your thing, sit tight and wait. It's not exactly a big thing to have right now, but the contactless payments it offers are set to be big news in the coming 12 months, especially when the Olympics come to these shores. Bearing in mind that most mobile contracts last around 18 months, you'll probably want it if you like the idea of shopping with your phone.

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