LG Optimus Black heads to UK

Here's something of a blast from the past – all the way from this year's CES in fact. We're talking about the LG Optimus Black, which is now said to be landing in the UK this very month.

According to TechRadar, the LG Optimus Black Android smartphone will be available in the UK by the end of May, which has been confirmed by the Korean tech giant. Not necessarily in 'black' though. Confusingly, the phone will also land in white and pink. No, we don't know why they chose that name for a phone offered in varied colours either.

Most of the details announced at the launch seem to be largely unchanged, with a four-inch screen packing LG's new NOVA display technology for 'optimal brightness and clarity' and 50% greater energy efficiency. It's also still claiming the title of the world's slimmest smartphone, unless something even more skinny has sneaked out under our radar.

Other features include a 1GHz processor and the Android operating system. We don't know which version though. It launched in January with Android 2.2, with a promise of Android 2.3 in time. Will it be there at launch? You'd better check with your network of choice when they announce availability.

T-Mobile announced it would stock it some time back, with contracts from under £30 per month. Give that network a call if you can't wait. Or sit tight and wait for all the others to unveil their contract offerings over the next few weeks.

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