APP WATCH: Simplexo?s SearchYourDesktop

As PC-like as they are, sometimes you just wish it was your desktop computer in your pocket rather than your smartphone. Now a new app called Simplexo cleverly enables you to remotely search your desktop for specific files, including documents, presentations, photos and media content. What's more, the app is available as a free six-month trial on the Apple, Android and BlackBerry OS 6 operating systems.


Install the Simplexo on your PC and then use the 'SearchYourDesktop' function from your smarpthone or tablet to find specific files that are duplicated from your PC and stored via the app's cloud service. In addition you can also search the web, or specific social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Servers.


For your free trial of Simplexo's SearchYourDesktop app use the following link:

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