Google releasing Android 2.3.4?

Twitter seems to be the best place to look for rumours and leaks these days, with one Samsung-related Twitter user apparently confirming Android 2.3.4.

According to TechRadar, that particular Twitter user tweeted that he had 'Just had a video call using gmail on Nexus S. Impressive quality @googlenexus Gingerbread 2.3.4'. It was tagged 'io2011'.

So it's time to put together those pieces. First, Android does have video calling via Android 2.3, but can only be used with fellow Android users, much like the original incarnation of Apple's FaceTime calling. Google now looks likely to extend its calling, so Android users can contact non-Android users and desktop users, just as long as they go via Gmail.

That tag likely relates to Google I/O, the company's developer conference, which takes place in San Francisco over 10-11 May. So look out for a demonstration of Gtalk mobile then, perhaps with an announcement of a rollout for it with Android 2.3.4.

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