Vodafone offering white iPhone 4 this week?

The Three network almost jumped the gun a week or so back, but now it looks like the white iPhone 4 is finally going to make it to the UK. In fact, it might already be out there in small numbers.

According to Engadget, a tip off confirmed the white iPhone 4 on the inventory at Vodafone as 'shipping in', which means it's likely to be offered any day now. Which day? Well, another report claims 27 April in the Netherlands, which is probably a good date to work to. That latter report is from 9 to 5 Mac, which claims stock in the Netherlands (on the T-Mobile network) will be 'scarce/very limited' and under embargo until that date. 32GB handsets will be even more scarce, should you be waiting for the larger phone. One per store for Dutch customers.

That embargo story ties in well with another tale via Engadget. Apparently, one lucky customer has one in the UK already, with a grainy image of the packaging to prove it. It seems that last week, a salesperson grabbed one and rang it up as a black iPhone to help facilitate the transaction. Shortly after the sale went through, Vodafone issued a notice to not to sell the white iPhone 'until next week.' Not until that one phone had slipped through the net though. Others too? Possibly.

So it looks like the embargo might well be Euro-wide and if you want a white iPhone, you need to get yourself to a store (a Vodafone store maybe) on 27 April. Oh yes, early might be a good thing if the shortage rumours are true. Just think about it carefully though - a new iPhone, probably in white, is almost certain to be here before the year is out.

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