Best Android Honeycomb apps

Android Honeycomb for tablets has officially landed and we've got up close and personal in our review of the Motorola Xoom, the first tab to pack the swish, slick new OS. Here are our favourite apps for its 10.1-inch screen.


Angry Birds HD
The most popular mobile game, like, ever, hits Android Honeycomb with an HD version that displays all that bird-slinging, piggy-rolling action in glorious, tablet-friendly resolution. Hint: pinch to zoom gives you a better view of the entire level to get that three-star pass.


Dolphin HD
Amp up browsing power with Dolphin HD which supports add-ons, lets you customise your tablet's hardware buttons to control the browser, and even supports gesture shortcuts to load specific URLs, add bookmarks and open new tabs.


TV Shows Stream
Free Lite version; £3.70 Full version
Surely the greatest pleasure in life is watching TV in bed, tablet propped up on knees. Stream over 100 of your favourite shows to watch them when you want - it's all free after you shell out the price of the app. Lite version is free but only has 13 TV series, and they're a bit older, too.
Get your Google RSS feeds in a multi-column interface that shows the categories of your news, headlines, and a reading panel for the article itself. It syncs with your Google Reader account so any article you read somewhere is marked as read everywhere.

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