HTC Mazaa Windows Phone leaks

There's always an HTC smartphone rumour going around, so just days after the launch of the HTC Sensation, here's another mystery handset from the company, the HTC Mazaa.

This isn't an Android though, the HTC Mazaa is said to be a Windows Phone 7 handset, with TechRadar claiming the phone packs a capacitive touch-screen, possibly at 3.7 inches, with three capacitive touch buttons at the base, a centre-mounted camera, LED flash and an external speaker. There's also said to be a DDR2 RAM interface for a speedy performance, too. No news on a launch date, so expect this to run for a few weeks yet.

It's not the only HTC rumour doing the rounds – there are new rumours of an as-yet unnamed Windows Phone 7 handset said to be packing a 16-megapixel camera. No one is quite sure how legitimate the source is though, that source being a promotional video posted online.

Is it real? Doubts do exist, not least because it seems like a big leap for HTC, which has never produced a phone with anything higher than an eight-megapixel camera phone. But the latest mobile processors, notably Qualcomm's quadcore chipset, could support such a thing and it would give both HTC and Microsoft something of a boost in the mobile market.

Time will tell, but right now, we'll post this under 'possible' rather than 'probable'.

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