Sony Ericsson launches Android Market channel

If you own a Sony Ericsson Android smartphone, the company has something new for you – a new channel on the Android Market geared towards your handset. Doesn't that make you feel special?

According to information on the company's official blog, Sony Ericsson is the first mobile phone manufacturer to do this, with the rollout starting this week. However, it is apparently 'operator dependant', so it might take time and will only land if your operator plays ball. They should, with the company saying that 'most of you will get it'.

When it does land, it will replace the 'My Apps' option in Android Market. with the initial plan being to provide recommendations to help users find the best games and apps for your Sony Ericsson handset. It will also provide a way to easily find original apps from Sony Ericsson such as Timescape plugins etc and allow the company to offer its own exclusive games and apps and showcase those of Sony Ericsson's 'developer partners'.

That's all just a starting point for something that could be useful to new owners or could simply turn into a company marketing or commercial tool. Here's hoping it's more the former than the latter. If it is, Sony Ericsson could be onto a winner.

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